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Welcome to Best Mother Fucking Vintage Porn.com

The Classic Best Mother Fucking Vintage Porn movies Erotic Adventures of Candy, High School Memories, Peek Freak (Free Pictures from Peek Freak) and Sex Boat feature the sexy starletts Annette Haven, Carol Connors, Dorothy LeMay, Georgina Spelvin, Kandi Barbour and Little Oral Annie. The horsey hung men of Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Mike Ranger, Kevin James, John Holmes, Joey Silvera, Turk Lyon, Randy West and Paul Thomas are the ones these girls love to get along with.

From girls dreaming about their first time (Carol Connors in Erotic Adventures of Candy), along with a visit by the legendary sexually frustrated John Holmes and "visting" the doctor of John Leslie, to peeking into the window of a neighbor across the Paris streets in Peek Freak you can find anything you want in these movies.

Flash back to your younger days in High School Memories and watch the sexiest of them all Annette Haven relive both her teaching days in high school to her current romance with Jamie Gillis. Annette fulfills every high school hard on's dream by making it with the star high school quarter back as well as with the coach later in life. John Leslie also stars in this feature and does it with the cheerleader (Dorothy LeMay) in the back of the bus.

A fantasy every man has is being trapped on a cruise boat with an all female crew and all female passangers, Turk Lyon and Randy West are the lucky men to be able to fulfill this fantasy in Sex Boat, until the pirates come aboard and they must save the day!

These major stars along with lesser known stars Pamela Jennings, Cody Nicole, Copper Penny, Cris Cassidy, Dawn Cummings, Diana Holt, Eileen Wells, Hillary Summers, Kelly Nichols, Kristine Heller, Loni Sanders, Nicole Black, Renee LaPaz, Richard Pacheco, Mick South, Jon Martin, Don Fernando, Turk Lyon and Rick Lutze make up what is known as Classic Porn, Vintage Porn or Classic Adult movies were made in the "Golden Age Of Porn', these movies were shot as big-budget features and filmed on 35mm film just like regular movies. Seen in theaters and then moved to the small screen as VHS (and now DVD's) took over the adult market. These non gonzo films bring the beauty of Hollywood to the screen along with the steamy sex of the bedroom.

You can add these and many other Classic Adult Movies to your COLLECTION today.

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